Credible threats

Here is one of them:

Ms. Feinstein has threatened to vote against Mr. Obama’s health care bill if it draws Medicare funds from high-cost areas like California to low-cost areas of the country.

She is, of course, a Democrat and a progressive.  The article is instructive throughout.


That is an interesting quote, but I have no idea what it means. How does one draw medicare funds from one area to another? Aren't the entitlements based on people and procedures, not areas? I am not a health care expert and would appreciate it if someone could add some context to these remarks.

I am sorry but how is this a credible threat with any meat to it? She sits neither on the Finance Committee nor on the Health subcommittee. She sits on the Appropriations committee but is not chair. Frankly, she can whine all she wants but in this game her 'nay' is meaningless.

Feinstein? Progressive? You must have met the goatee-wearing one from the alternate universe.

I am sorry but how is this a credible threat with any meat to it?

Senator Dianne Feinstein can filibuster the health care bill or join the Republicans in filibustering it. Democrats minus Feinstein would not have enough votes to override the filibuster.

"She is .. a Democrat and a progressive."

What could be a more efficient way to generate voters and burn through the cash of other people than to send it to California?

And what does it mean to be "a Democrat and a professive" other than that?

Who are we kidding here?

Does a majority parties' senators become more powerful when the party in the Senate gets closer to the cloture number?

I believe this is not correct as a model. Especially since party cohesion is not very tight in the minority party.

I gree with it!

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