My Law and Literature reading list, Spring 2010

The semester is underway!

The New English Bible, Oxford Study Edition.

In the Belly of the Beast, by Jack Henry Abbott.

Borges and the Eternal Orangutans, by Fernando Verrissimo.

Glaspell’s Trifles, available on-line.

Sherlock Holmes, The Complete Novels and Stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, volume 1.

I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov.

Moby Dick, by Hermann Melville, excerpts, chapters 89 and 90, available on-line.

Year’s Best SF 9, edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer.

Oscar Wilde, De Profundis.

Kathryn Davis, The Walking Tour.

Nadezhda Mandelstam, Hope Against Hope: A Memoir.

Haruki Murakami, Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche.

Timothy J. Gilfoyle, A Pickpocket’s Tale.

Henning Mankell, Sidetracked.

Edgar Allen Poe, The Gold-Bug, available on-line.

Walker Percy, The Thanatos Syndrome.

We also will view a small number of movies.


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