Thai-Cambodia refugee camps, 1975-1999

Study this model and try to improve on it.  Here is further historical information.

What does the domestic U.S. political equilibrium look like when we are funding and running these camps?  Will Obama be seen as "doing too much" for "black people"?  How will we punish wrongdoers in the camps?  Will the residents be treated better than those in Guantanamo?  What happens when we, explicitly or implicitly, start using Haitian gangs to keep order in the camps?  How many Haitians will the DR shoot crossing the border? 

Haitians are extremely nationalistic, sensitive to foreign influence, and they have a clear historical memory of the U.S. occupation of 1915-1934.  What if they ask us to leave before the camps are self-sustaining?  For how long will we pretend that Haiti still has a real government?

Those are my questions for today.


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