Publish Referee Reports?

A number of prominent scientists working on stem-cell research have written a letter calling for peer-reviews to be made publicly available:

We suggest a simple step that would greatly improve transparency, fairness and accountability; when a paper is published, the reviews, response to reviews and associated editorial correspondence could be provided as Supplementary Information, while preserving anonymity of the referees.

In cutting edge fields such as stem-cell research it's very common for scientists to be working on exactly the same problem with the first to publish receiving the bulk of the plaudits.  As a result, peer-sabotage can be a problem.  Sabotage is not such a problem in economics because researchers rarely work on exactly the same problem but laziness and low-quality reviews are real concerns.  (Note that my experiences with journal editors and reviewers has been more good than bad so I don't speak with sour grapes).

But would publishing anonymous referee reports really increase quality?  Blog comments are public and anonymous and they can be stupid, rude, and ill-informed (not this blog of course).  Indeed, the trend in blogs has been to remove anonymity as a way of increasing accountability and quality.  In science, however, anonymity is essential because the opportunities for repeat play and thus collusion are too common.

The primary effect of published referee reports would be on editors who would have their work put under greater scrutiny.  That is not necessarily a bad thing although editors are professionally under-rewarded in my view so more work is not necessarily going to lead to a better selection.

Note also that regardless of any change in quality, the value of the referee comments themselves should not be overlooked.  Referees may also appreciate the opportunity to have their work published in some form. Early results from the EMBO Journal which recently switched to publishing referee reports online appear to be satisfactory. Thus, I favor experiments along these lines. 

Here are previous MR articles on the peer-review process.

Addendum: Seth Roberts comments. See also Barkley Rosser in the comments.


Peer review is the rock that academia is built on, and also its Achilles's heal (to invoke two mixed metaphors). Climategate is going to rock peer review in disciplines that easily affect public policy.

Why not? It sounds like a great idea to me -- there's no accountability anyway for poor peer review, so it won't hurt the situation, and by creating some institutional accountability it might lead the journal to select its peer reviewers more carefully.

While we're doing institutional reform, why not pay the referees while we're at it?

Oh, and 'sour grapes'? It's kind of odd that a bad experience makes you a less credible critic. That speaks to one of my theories of why stuff sucks, because it is run by the people who like it the way it is. The rest of us are just whiners.

Good idea.
You could also make it interactive: use Googledocs as the platform and let peer reviewers edit, mark up the document with comments; set a timeline for comments. You could either let other reviewers see other reviewer's comments, or segregate them.
When the document is published, there could be a edited peer review comment section, along with a blogger section for people to comment on the articles.
We've moved away from paper, and people should look at using technology to organize and speed up the process.

I could be wrong, but I think the scooping aspect is overblown. It seems to me that the 'working paper' approach to economics might actually reduce 'scooping' by staking claim to a specific question. It is counterintuitive because it is very odd considering that there is little capital involved in economics papers. Is there a lot more lead-time in finding datasets and sources?

Otherwise there is less scooping in economics DESPITE putting your ideas out for public view. Odd? It seems there are even more variations in biology so that knowing what others are working on would reduce overlap.

I relay the following comment:

* * * * * * * * * *

[Nursing Research has] been doing this for selected manuscripts since 2004. Select "Open Review". It doesn't seem to take too much time for the editorial office, and the site seems to be getting more use as word spreads.

Nursing Research staff also periodically assess the quality of reviews, and publish the findings:

Blog posts are anonymous, but public anonymous peer reviews are not anonymous to the editor(s). In addition, people posting on blogs don't make a living on what they write there. I think these two factors combined make a crucial difference. It would also make editors more accountable.

How can anyone think that blog comments are comparable to peer review? For starters, on the one hand, in a submitted article undergoing the referee process, the author and the reviewers actually know what they are talking about. On the internet, commenters rarely have any relevant expertise (and bloggers often don't, either, though that is not the case here).

There is probably a market there, v.

There may be a case for this in some the biomedical field, but I do not see it spreading
in economics, and I as a journal editor will not be doing it.

1) Some potential referees may refuse to ref for one, and we have enough trouble getting
people to do so (and on time) as it is.

2) It seems that what a lot of people want is to "punish" bad referees or editors for
turning down papers that should not have been, revenge for all those lousy negative ref
reports they have gotten. But this is only going to apply to papers that are accepted,
so we get to see people demanding inappropriately to be cited with the authors doing so.
It is completely out of the question that journals will "publish" rejected papers with
the accompanying referee reports. No way.

I had to run before. Another reason it might not be a good idea is that it may put pressure on
editors to publish only papers that all the referees approve of. Some of the most cited papers
I have published I have done so over the objections of either a referee or even an associate
editor. I am not for putting incentives in place to support more publication of boring mediocrity.

Thanatos points to what editors need to do when they encounter referees who promise to review but sit on the paper: get other referees. Of course, this is not always as easy as it sounds, but there are ways around some of the more egregious forms of referee sabotage and hanky-panky besides publishing the reports of referees on papers that get published, which strikes me as doing nearly zero.

In economics, peer-sabotage isn't really that much of an issue, I would think. There is always a twist or two different in otherwise similar papers and both will usually survive.

There is, however, an issue in the review lag length. There is no excuse for leaving papers in review for more than two years, often only to reject them. (Or to request such an extensive revise for resubmit that the author gives up.) This is not uncommon even for relatively uncontroversial papers that were widely cited in working paper form.

Seth did get around to posting my comments, just for the record.

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