The fact I would like to know about the stimulus

I break the stimulus into three parts: the tax cuts and transfer increases, the aid to state and local governments, and the traditional spending programs.  Here I'm talking about only the third part.  (If you are wondering, I regard the first part as mostly ineffective and the second part as mostly effective.)

Of the workers employed by this third part of the Obama stimulus, what percentage of them already had jobs?  What percentage moved from unemployed to employed?  More hypothetically, what percentage had jobs but would have lost them, thus effectively counting as a move from "unemployed" to "employed" status?

I'm not talking about the maybe-hard-to-estimate effects from boosting aggregate demand, I'm talking about the "mere counting" aspect of the problem.  "We hired him, he didn't have a job before.  Now he has a job."  What percentage of the hired people fall into that category?

I've read plenty on these studies, but they don't seem "net" to me.

Does anyone know where this information is available?


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