Markets in everything

Their motto is:

Get a subscription service for your socks, t-shirts, and underwear. Starting at just $7. Delivered to your door every 3 months.

One of their slogans is: "Free Your Mind."

For the pointer I thank Kathleen Fasanella.


Great idea. I only wish there were a similar service for groceries - once a week, a big box arrives on my doorstep with enough beer, chips, and frozen dinners to keep me alive until the next week.

Actually David, assuming (perhaps spuriously) that you're not being sarcastic, I think there are such services in most major and mid-size cities. I believe that they also used to be much more common, before the advent of the supermarket.

The socks and underwear thing is pretty awesome, though. Wow.

David W and Floyd B:

These are called tiffin and dhobi services. And there's no post involved, they come right to your door. Don't they have these where you live?

This is a fantastic example of how people are finding new markets where demand is present but supply is nonexistent. The opportunity cost of time having to drive to Target to get new socks and underwear is probably almost as much time as more important things such as watching a football game. This also uses "tying" to incorporate buying both socks and underwear at the same time under the subscription, which would increase the sales of underwear artificially due to the fact that men probably lose socks more often than they do underwear.

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