More good news about Africa

This time it is from Alwyn Young:

Measures of real consumption based upon the ownership of durable goods, the quality of housing, the health and mortality of children, the education of youth and the allocation of female time in the household indicate that sub-Saharan living standards have, for the past two decades, been growing in excess of 3 percent per annum, i.e. more than three times the rate indicated in international data sets.

I thank an MR commentator for the pointer.  Addendum: Link is now corrected.


I'd like to read the article... but the link is wrong, it points to the entry for the John Cage book.

Hopefully this is a better study than that nonsense by Sala-i-martin you posted earlier this week.

A point I haven't thought of Slocum. Though I wonder how the researcher could separate spillover effects from indigenous growth.

I just don't get taxing value-added. Isn't that exactly what you don't want to tax? Wouldn't that subsidize financial instruments trading, the thing we have way too much of? Why would progressives like a regressive tax? Why would Republicans like it? Why would libertarians want it? Hell, Georgists shouldn't even like it. What is the "value-added" on oil?

It feels kind of like the light rail or compact fluorescent lightbulb or ethanol ideas. Where do these things come from? It seems like the only thing going for it is that it gives the government more money. But does it even give it more than all the other alternatives?

Look, that paper was not about a few products that have witnessed falling prices due to technological improvements. The paper mentions other measures of quality of housing, mortality, health in general, etc. In fact, your example was not even one of the variables considered in the paper. So things like electronics is a sub-section of one category of household consumption considered. Many of the included household variables have actually gotten costlier over time (for example, per capita sleeping rooms because of increase in population), and can only be consistently afforded through increases in real income.

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