What Ludwig von Mises really thought about economic policy

I guess I am a Misesian after all.  Via Steve Horwitz, Richard Ebeling (who named his dog Mises, I believe) reports:

What is also clear from reading Mises’ policy writings from this period of his European career, is that if you had asked him a fiscal, or monetary, or regulatory policy question in the context of his role as analyst at the Chamber of Commerce, he would not have said, and did not simply say, “laissez-faire” – abolish the central bank, deregulate the economy, and eliminate taxes.

He accepts that there are certain institutional “givens” that must be taken for granted, and in the context of which policy options and decisions must be worked out.

There is much more detail here, as it discusses social welfare spending, strategic trade policy, and unwillingness to opt for immediate privatization, among other topics, all in the earlier writings of Mises.  For the pointer I thank Dan Klein.


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