Charity markets in everything, Star Wars edition

It could very well be the ultimate car-obsessed/Star Wars fanboy fantasy. What is this latest object of our geekery? How about a car wash carried out by a gaggle of Princess Leias? And not just any Princess Leia, mind you, but slave Leia.

There is a photo (safe for work), about which you will have mixed opinions, and also videos.  The full account is here and I thank John Thorne for the pointer.


Still trying to figure out why my opinion would be mixed about that photo. Seems pretty unambiguous to me...

You don't feel like a pervert for looking.

Maybe I'm too big a Star Wars nerd here, but did anyone else notice the girl dressed up as Padme in the first picture? And if so, did that bother them as much as it bothered me?

I'm also skeptical of all the stormtroopers hoping to get their helmets shined. It's a Star Wars theme after all, and in Star Wars Stormtroopers never get a happy ending.

Sometimes you're too Levitt for me.

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