Adam Wheeler’s resume

You'll find it here.  He's the fraud who lied his way into Harvard.  Here is the description of his "book" (supposedly) under review at Harvard University Press:

The Mapping of an Ideological Demesne

– Under review with Harvard University Press 2008-2009

The massive proliferation, from the fifteenth through the seventeenth century, of technologies for measuring, projecting, and organizing geographical and social space produced in the European cultural imaginary an intense and widespread interest in visualizing this world and alternative worlds. As the new century and the Stuart era developed, poets and dramatists mediated this transformation in the form of spatial tropes and models of the nation. I examine the geographical tropes by which Tudor and Stuart writers created poetic landscapes as a mode of engagement with the structures of power, kingship, property, and the market. Accordingly, each of the texts that I examine betrays an awareness of writing as a spatial activity and space as a scripted category. The critical topographies that these writers created are maps of ideology, figural territories within which social conflict and political antagonism are put into play.

I've read worse.  How you react to that description is a Rorschach test of sorts, especially if you are not thinking it is fraudulent.  Here is a TNR post on Wheeler.  Here is a Princeton University Press post about Wheeler and the book he claimed to have under contract with them, to be co-authored with Marc Shell, a very well-read scholar.

Why are none of the sources reporting how well he actually did at Harvard and elsewhere?  Isn't that an interesting question?  How much would the world differ if Harvard reserved a fifth of its entering class for those individuals who showed the most talent for fraud?  I don't mean that question in a cynical light, it is one genuine way of trying to think about how education adds value to labor market outcomes.


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