Obama’s Oil Speech: Old not Bold

Here is my reaction at the NYTimes:

President Obama lost his cool last week when – sounding like the old president – he said he was looking for some “ass to kick.” He didn’t regain any lost cool in Tuesday’s oil speech, which also made him sound like his predecessor: “Make no mistake: we will fight this spill with everything we’ve got for as long it takes,” he said, emphasizing “We will make BP pay….” Call it President’s Obama’s war on error.

Turning to energy, the president called for innovation and hard choices but offered little new or courageous thinking of his own. Instead, he went back to the same well he has drawn from repeatedly; blame the previous administration and their “failed philosophy.”

Whether justified or not, this refrain is getting old. Even the president’s appeals to America’s greatness sounded old. Can his speechwriters really do no better than 'remember when we won World War II and put a man on the moon?'

Most important, nowhere did the president mention two hard ideas that the public must accept if we are to move to a cleaner energy future: nuclear power and carbon taxes.

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