*The Age of the Infovore*, paperback edition


This is the paperback of Create Your Own Economy, with (to me) a better title and better cover.  I am pleased to have persuaded the publisher in this regard.  It is out this coming Tuesday, one week from today.  You can pre-order it on Amazon here (Kindle too), Barnes&Noble here, and Borders.com here.

Of my books, it is my clear favorite and not just because it is the latest.  It is the one whose ideas I use and think about most often.


And what of those of us stuck with hardcovers with the worse title and worse cover?

...or those of us who have already read it and excitedly thought this was your next book?!

Or cofo-under, according to what he means.

"I wonder how many people will accidentally buy both books. How many will get mad? How many won't even remember that they've already read it, since the hardcover came out a while ago?"

Then they have a reason to read it again (sunk cost). And if they put it on the shelf, it looks like they have 2 different books. Having more books on your shelf makes you look smarter.

He should send us all dust jackets. Then I could look to be deep in thought while reading the PhD comics book.

Congratulations on the new book edition.

What good ways are there to pick between book covers/titles?
I would buy a few dollars of ads on google under a few keywords and see which ones get picked most often. Submit a vote to a news aggregator (reddit or digg) on the covers maybe? This seems a good place to use the wisdom of the crowd as it will be the crowd who decides if you have made a good decision.

Much better title. This one grabs at me. The old title did not at all.

Why isn't Amazon offering the "look inside" preview for this book? Can the publisher fix that?

So, I just can't wait for the book to find out. Tell me. How old is The Infovore?

This is a truly new idea.

Instead of a new Edition for a Book,
Each Edition
Gets a New Title.

This Way Yor Vitae Gets Longer, Too.

Next Title: Creating Your Own Book Economy.

Speaking of margins.
You can buy the hardcover version for 5 cents less than the paperback version at Amazon.

Do you think that your books are in the "sweet zone" for Kindle reading?

the cover looks nice; however, it would look better with seth godin's head on it.

When publishers attack. I see it time and time again with the books of my friends -- one of whom had a cutesy animal that appears nowhere in his book and in no way relates to his book stuck on his cover.

What's crazy is that you, an economist, who's in the human motivation business, got stuck with a cover (on a fascinating book that I recommend all the time) that has consistently left me explaining that you can't really judge the contents of the book by what it's called.

A pity you didn't win the battle the first time around.

Not for sale in Canada on Kindle, either. I just tried to buy it, and there are no prices or purchase links.

BTW, have you noticed the hard-cover book is more expensive than the soft-cover one ON THE KINDLE :)

This is certainly something to write home about.

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