How to watch and rewatch movies

Andrew Fischer Lees, a loyal MR reader, asks:

Tyler and Alex, do either of you find yourself re-watching movies? 

If you see it in the theatres, will you re-watch it on your own home TV? My personal rules is to watch each movie only once in theatres, so as to have the most entertaining recollection of the movie as possible.  That said, movies that are quite plot or character driven, and that contain minimal audio/visual candy (e.g. Goodnight and Good Luck), often are exceptions to this rule.  Any strategy that you (or your readers) employ?

I have a few (loose) principles here:

1. I will rewatch action movies, but preferably on a big screen.  I don't like to downgrade my experience of a movie, if I can help it.  Avoiding the downgrade is the #1 principle for movie rewatching.

2. It is rare that I enjoy rewatching comedies, no matter how good they were the first time around.

3. I am most likely to benefit from rewatching slow and complex dramas, especially those not in English.  I am interested in learning something from the rewatch, not just replicating a familiar experience of cackling pleasure or glee.  Tarkovsky movies are my nomination for those which bear the highest returns from rewatching, Godard movies too.  Rewatching good Hitchcock movies does not bore me.

Here are informal data on the most rewatched movies.  What principles can you all suggest?


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