Who’s preposterous?

I don't usually pull out media quotes to mock them, but this one caught my eye.  There is a new book out — Lucy — and it is the (fictional) story of a woman who is part human, part bonobo chimpanzee, but who looks quite human.  Michiko Kakutani wrote this criticism about the story:

It seems preposterous that the United States government or its agents would throw this teenage girl into a cage on an Air Force base.

Huh?  If the point is that they would sooner use a Navy base, that can be granted.  More generally, don't we live in a world where the U.S. government tries to assassinate some of its citizens, arbitrarily detains and holds many people — even innocent people –, and until recently tortured many people, and how about the still-legal Judge Rotenberg Center?  As an aside, how do we treat full-blooded chimpanzees?

Kakutani's sentence made me want to buy the book.


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