Advertising markets in everything

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., winning its first job managing a share sale by an Indian state-owned company, may earn next to nothing for the privilege.

The most profitable securities firm in Wall Street history tied for the lowest bid among 17 banks vying to manage the $1.8 billion offer by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., three people with knowledge of the matter said. Goldman Sachs and SBI Capital Markets Ltd. said they’d do the work for a fee equal to 0.00000001 percent of the sale proceeds. That means the firms stand to reap about 2 rupees (4 cents) each on the deal.

The full story is here and I thank Mehul Kamdar for the pointer.  There were other low bidders, including JP Morgan.  Why bid four cents I wonder, why not bid one cent?

Here is a related page, from what is propitiously called the Department of Disinvestment.


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