Wyclef Jean for President of Haiti?

Here is one response:

A sad day for Haiti. No experience. No plan. No education. Can’t speak the language let alone proper English plus a history of not being able manage his own personal affairs based on foreclosures, IRS tax liens and his nonprofit scandal.

Here is another:

Wyclef Jean owes the IRS 2.1 million dollars, had his house sold at auction and stole money from his own Haiti ‘charity’.

Those points would appear to be well-taken, but as an economist so often does, I would rephrase the question in terms of "how much" rather than "whether."  What is the probability that the "added media scrutiny and international attention" effect will create benefits which outweigh his other deficiencies for the job?  I say about ten percent.


His international reputation acts as a "bond" against corruption. Isn't someone like that exactly what Haiti needs now?

"Owes taxes he hasn't paid" is a disqualifier? Then we need to get rid of at least one Senator, a Secretary, and a few others, don't we?

I'd like to see evidence that international* media scrutiny leads to better outcomes.

*internal I find plausible, if only for societal differences it correlates with

email@isp.com, exactly. Or as it went in one of the Blackadder episodes, where Baldrick was running for parliament and Blackadder was filling out the forms:

BLACKADDER. Any criminal record?

BALDRICK. Absolutely not.

BLACKADDER. Oh, come on, Baldrick, you're going to be an MP, for God's sake! I'll just put fraud and sexual deviancy.

Ah yes, he can't speak proper English. What a lazy sentiment.

There is a statistical probability that he would be as effective as several former Haitian leaders.

Wyclef's shortcomings are not only deficiencies for title, but lets other politicians (Haitian or otherwise) know that it's okay to lie and cheat to get to the top. Let's not further incentivize bad behavior.

Michaelle Jean would be the better choice if you want the benefits of international celebrity.

I am praying that the Electoral Council of Haiti finds a constitutional loophole to deny Mr. Wyclef's candidacy for the Presidency of Haiti for the following reasons: He does not speak neither creole nor French, the two official languages of Haiti.
Mr. Jean has difficulty communicating in English. He speaks a street version of English, ie. " I was drafted by the young youth of Haiti". "I did not hear nothin" he responded to Wolf Blitzer on CNN.
The man could dropped out of a small religeous college. Go figure!
Could anyone imagine dicussing Economic theories with a functionally illeterate person?
Could anyone imagine discussing Reforming the education system with a president who could barely comprehend what he has just read?
Could anyone imagine a president who has no knowledge of Haitian's culture and history.

I REALIZE WYCLEF ADORES HIS HOMELAND BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE NATION Please Reject his candidacy constitutionally to avoid such an embarassement

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