Gorillas and Girls

Ireland's science minister has pulled out of the launch of a book branding evolution a hoax after the event became mired in controversy.

Yes, that's right Ireland's science minister questions evolution. But, he says Mr May the author of the book he was to promote, "Just because you are anti-evolution doesn’t mean you are anti-science."  I suppose this is true if one doesn't count as science biology, molecular biology, botany, paleontology, zoology and a host of other fields that rely on evolution as a key concept.

So the controversy is obvious, right? Not quite. What would a controversy about science be without sex?  It turns out that the author of the book, non-ironically titled "The Origin of Specious Nonsense," is,

Mr May, a self-proclaimed marriage counsellor, writer, poet and philosopher, [who] has presented on various radio stations and once owned a public relations company.

But the ex-Christian evangelist teacher was also the one-time editor of Ireland’s first magazine devoted to sex.

All of this makes the name of the launch party that science minister Conor Lenihan was to attend even more interesting, 'Gorillas and Girls'. Hard to make this kind of thing up.

Hat tip to Dan Cole at Law, Economics, and Cycling.


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