Markets in Everything: Lookup Before You Hookup

Today's dating scene is tough to navigate, which is why Intelius
developed Date Check, a free mobile app that deciphers fact from
fiction in the palm of your hand. Simply enter a name, phone number or
email address and instantly get accurate and comprehensive results.
With features like Sleaze Detector, Compatibility, $$$, Interests and
Living Situation, you can be in the know on the go.

Some of you may recall the scene from Amazon Women on the Moon in which this idea was featured as a joke.  I also recall but couldn't find online a scene from the great movie GATTACA in which a women on a date kisses a man and then rushes to the ladies room to have the DNA on her lipstick analyzed for suitable qualities.  How long untill we have that technology?

Hat tip: Chris Rasch.


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