Chat with a computer, about a free market economy

John – Are you into sports.
[ Af:0 At:10 Sp:0] Sports is not my cup of tea. I prefer intellectual challenges like Go.
John – Who's the world Go champion.
[ Af:0 At:10 Sp:0] Sorry. I can't help you. A celebrity of some sort?
John – Do you play chess?
[ Af:0 At:10 Sp:0] I don't play any games except Go.
John – Can we play Go on here?
[ Af:0 At:10 Sp:0] About playing… Does it make sense to you that we reward athletes more than scientists?
John – Television coverage makes that possible.
[ Af:0 At:10 Sp:0] It's a free market economy. And people value entertainment more than serious things like science and education.
John – And your point is?

One judge thought that "Suzette" was more human than a competing human decoy, but I would have been suspicious of the line about a "free market economy."  There is more here, including more of the dialogue, and also here.  

I thank Michelle Dawson for the pointer; here is my paper with Michelle on the Turing test.


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