Markets in everything

Via Courtney Knapp, Furry Toys Tours:

You can send your stuffed animal on a romantic trip to Paris. Tours start at €100.00.

We will make your little friend discover the best of Paris, touring its splendid historical monuments, strolling along the city’s beautiful streets and indulging on fantastic French food in typical Parisian places for a full week! We'll be taking it to the locations listed below, and will keep you posted every evening by email (of course you'll also get the 30+ pictures, the traveling certificate and the little Paris souvenir).

Your stuffed animal will visit La Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysées, L'Arc de Triomphe and more.

There is even an upgrade:

If you think your furry friend would love to discover even more of Paris, please check our Extension Tours! We propose 4 thematic 4-day extensions tours in Paris, taking your cuddly toy to special places in the French capital…


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