Markets in everything

Via Courtney Knapp, Furry Toys Tours:

You can send your stuffed animal on a romantic trip to Paris. Tours start at €100.00.

We will make your little friend discover the best of Paris, touring its splendid historical monuments, strolling along the city’s beautiful streets and indulging on fantastic French food in typical Parisian places for a full week! We'll be taking it to the locations listed below, and will keep you posted every evening by email (of course you'll also get the 30+ pictures, the traveling certificate and the little Paris souvenir).

Your stuffed animal will visit La Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysées, L'Arc de Triomphe and more.

There is even an upgrade:

If you think your furry friend would love to discover even more of Paris, please check our Extension Tours! We propose 4 thematic 4-day extensions tours in Paris, taking your cuddly toy to special places in the French capital…


Do the animals just get routed thru these places, packed in boxes that are never opened, aka tour buses?

Sleepy, while you may be correct, I picture some 25 year old woman trying to raise money for her next trip to Paris.

The stuffed animals and photos are just the fundraising.

Markets in Stupidity: The Enduring Quest to Separate Fools from their Money. It makes me think we live more in a kleptocracy than we'd like to admit.

Apparently someone has seen Amelie.

Living vicariously through your stuffed animals? I'd rather watch Samantha Fox.

No kidding. And worse, hotel/food/tip is NOT included in the price. And what if Champs Elysées is closed the day your BFFF is scheduled to visit: trip cancellation insurance? Not.

Don't waste your money; instead, why not send your friend with us for 2-weeks of touring and bungee jumping in New Zealand! We are working out the details, but costs will be in the most-reasonable €950 range (a bit more for first class).

What would you tell your friends if this was your job?

There would certainly be a profit in it even if it was legit. Postage is not included in the price so if you've got two or three toys a week (about what it apears to be from their site) that's 200-300 euros for a week's part time work. If you lived in a nice central location you could probably accomplish this in an hour a day.

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