Podcast with Tyler Cowen and Jerry Brito

Some time ago I asked MR readers to request podcast questions.  The 30-minute podcast consists of Jerry Brito picking out some questions from that list and interviewing me.  You can find it here.  Jerry sums it up:

Cowen discusses why people will be appalled that we ever questioned intrusive searches by TSA, what should have been done to minimize unemployment and other harm from the financial crisis, how the “famous American formula” for good government is broken, what might force us to sit around opening cans of dog food with our teeth, and which global sites should be connected by Stargate portals to create the most value. He also asks, “Why read books?”, speculates about the value of his blog, addresses price discrimination of chicken McNuggets, talks about a modern day Athens in Asia with good food, suggests that internet comments are a relatively harmless form of stupidity, and opines about the best thing that government does.


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