Crowd-sourced economics department rankings

Greg Mankiw will be happy, so far here is the list.  I have heard of comparable lists for political science and philosophy and perhaps other fields.  In my view the top ten is exactly right, I haven't scrolled through the rest yet.


How would most laymen vote for something like this ? Perception ? How is such perception formed ? Seeing rankings such as these ? Self-fulling prophecy?

Doesn't George Mason have an economics department? Not in the field, but I seem to remember one or more people I've read and enjoyed on the web that teach or taught there.

The guy on the polisci job rumors website who posted a bash script is a complete moron. Screenshot and ocr? Is he serious? Jesus, I could write a much better script in 15 minutes. Way to prove that polisci grad students are technically incompetent...

Just out of curiosity I wondered if the number of hits on "google news" is a good predictor of the rankings? I was amazed by the correlation.

It seems like the number of google-news hits are an excellent predictor of rank. Here is plot .

Caveat: I did tinker with two names. I used the acronym for MIT. Ok, ok, I know this isn't rigorous but still.....

Better at what?

An economist makes the statement that because a Department is ranked high, an individual economists within the Department, Herr Mankiw, must therefore be rated high?

There is a logical fallacy here.

There are ways to defeat the script-monkeys. Apart from those there's definitely some merit in using crowd-sourced rankings apart from other more traditional ways.

Have you heard of any rankings for terminal masters degrees in economics? I am an aspiring graduate student, and all I keep finding online are rankings that seems to be based only on the doctorate degree programs.

While I know that the terminal masters rankings will be correlated to some degree, most programs with top-notch doctoral programs don't even have a terminal masters as an option. According to the AEA (, none of the top 10 schools offer a terminal masters degree. For someone like myself, who has no intention of getting a PhD, I would love to see some data on terminal masters programs if it is out there.

i like the Data Visualizations charts... they're pretty nice

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