*Foundations of Neuroeconomic Analysis*

That is the new book by Paul W. Glimcher, of NYU, Center for Neuroeconomics.  This book is especially strong on how valuation takes place in the mind.  At times the book feels as if one has stepped into an alternate universe, in which the subjectivist Mengerian Austrians are now doing neuroeconomics instead…


It looks interesting. Will have to wait until it comes down in price. How does he reconcile neoclassical rational choice with physically-wired brain choice mechanisms? Any political implications neurotypical or otherwise? Does he talk about neuroscience rooted empathy? The empathy bandwagon -- e.g. de Waal, Rifkin -- seems almost evangelical in its political aspirations.

Every Econ department will soon need an fmri machine to conduct research.

NYU library doesn't even seem to have this book yet.

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