No Great Stagnation: TV Remote Control Device, 1976

United States Patent 3962748 and no, this is not from the Onion.


Hat tip: Boing Boing.


No great stagnation:

YEAR — Price of a Gigabyte
1981 — $300,000
1987 — $50,000
1990 — $10,000
1994 — $1000
1997 — $100
2000 — $10
2004 — $1
2010 — $0.10

My granddad hated commercials and used to always hack his 60's TVs with a wired mute. Easy right, just put a cord in line with the speaker, route out to a little hand-held box with a clicker.

Talk to me about a dongalonger.

Isn't that Mr. Bean's idea? He uses that kind of remote control or should I say button reacher in the Mr. Bean Animated series. So, it is true that Mr. Bean is a genius.

This sounds like the sort of thing I should have seen on the Red Green Show.

The Great Stagnation is not available for the Kindle in Canada, is there something that you can do?

This publication also includes the Charter of Fundamental Rights which now has legal force.

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