Royal wedding markets in everything

Here is the full story, with numerous other examples: “…”the British Cheese Board has put together a William and Kate themed cheese board”. No, really; it says that. They then go on to enumerate five British cheeses and their agonisingly tenuous connection to the principal players; “Wensleydale with cranberry is a fruity blended cheese hailing from Yorkshire, just like Miss Middleton’s father””


I would have thought one of the jobs of figureheads is to promote the nation's beverage. But:

A source confirmed yesterday: “There won’t be any beer.

“Let’s face it, it isn’t really an appropriate drink to be serving in the Queen’s presence at such an occasion."

Deprogramming is needed.

I believe Wensleydale was the name of the proprietor in the Monty Python Cheese Shop skit.

Customer: Uuuuuh, Wensleydale.

Wenslydale: Yes?

Customer: Ah, well, I'll have some of that!

Wenslydale: Oh! I thought you were talking to me, sir. Mister Wensleydale, that's my name.

I had no idea that "Miss Middleton’s father" "is a fruity blended cheese hailing from Yorkshire". I had no idea that such a thing was even possible.


At least they're fully clothed. The pose looks like they're bathing in your cup, making the tea a commentary of their cleanliness.

Why does anybody care about this non-event?

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