*Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China*

That is the new book by Ezra F. Vogel, excerpt:

Deng in 1978 had an equally dramatic effect on the Japanese people.  In the 2,200 years of contact between China and its island neighbor, Deng was the first Chinese leader to set foot in Japan.  He was also the first to meet the Emperor of Japan.

So far the main lesson I am drawing from this book is how provincial the Chinese leaders were circa 1978, but also how willing they were to absorb evidence and change their minds, especially following visits to Western Europe and Singapore, both of which had significant impacts on them.  I am also learning that the 1979 war with Vietnam was a more significant event than I had thought.

The publication date of the book is listed as 26 September, but Amazon shipped my copy earlier this week.


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