Make Loans, Not War

Bump it up to full screen for best viewing.

Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance from Kiva Microfunds on Vimeo.


Interesting wiki.

The fact that I thought this was an awesome and entertaining graphic caused my wife to snicker at me, and then ask a series of detailed questions.

Any reason why China and Russia are noticeably absent from this activity?

i agree.. make loans not war... war sheds off money all people spend...

Tried to watch, but had to quit after 45 seconds. Visually it starts painfully slow, and the music choices are really obnoxious. Seems like a clever idea, but someone whose aesthetic tastes are more in the normal range (someone, perhaps, like Chris's wife) should have been brought in to edit.

I wonder how the recipients of these loans would value the internet. This is truly awesome.

But I am not sure this has anything to do with war. If anything, you can infer that huge parts of Africa and the Middle East were not participating on this activity because of governments that oppress them. What is the solution to get those guys out of the picture? Money doesn't seem to be the answer.

Wow. That is one of the best infographic pieces I have seen. Thanks for the link.

You can really see the 2008 recession hitting.

Lol on first glance I thought this was an info graphic about all the loans coming to the US

How awesome!

I would like Kiva much more if lenders could earn interest on their loans. I would be willing to loan out much more if it weren't effectively a donation - sure you (probably) will get your money back, but while it's in the Kiva system, it's locked up and I can't do other productive things with it. If I could earn interest, I would loan out much more, and take slightly larger risks with the loans I give, because I'll make some profit so that the odd loan can fall through.

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