From PaddyPower, not the same as the InTrade odds

From an email:

As EU leaders gather in Brussels to formulate a financial package to avert monetary meltdown, the latest odds from bookmaker Paddy Power show they face a mammoth task to convince the cynical markets.

Odds for Greece to leave the Euro first and a complete Eurozone break-up have shortened as analysts nervously wait for any detail which will secure the financial fate of the monetary union.

Greece is 2/7 to be first to leave the economic union, with Portugal next at 6/1. Germany is at 16/1 – perhaps an indication that the major player in the currency may fancy leaving the worst countries to their own devices. It is 6/5 at the Eurozone will be non existent by 2015.

Paddy Power said: “The ministers have a lot of work to do here. Concerns continue to grow about the stability of Spain and Italy and Greek financial stability still isn’t a foregone conclusion. If the great and the good in Brussels don’t come up with a detailed plan soon, it’s going to get a whole lot worse and that is what we are seeing in our betting.”

First to leave the Euro
2/7       Greece
6/1       Portugal
8/1       Ireland
12/1      Italy
12/1     Spain
16/1     Germany
16/1     Cyprus

Eurozone Break Up
6/5       Eurozone to break up by 2015
4/7       Eurozone to break up by 2020

Caveat emptor!


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