The update from Pompeii

Almost every word of  this report reflects some of Italy’s broader problems:

A labour union on Thursday reported that a chunk of the wall from Domus of Diomede building on Via Consolare collapsed a day after European Commissioner Johannes Hahn announced that the European Union would give up to 105 million euros to protect and restore the fragile site UNESCO World Heritage site that was buried by volcanic ash around two thousand years ago.

The funds are part of one billion euros earmarked for cultural heritage projects, with particular emphasis on southern Italy, according to Italian minister for regional affairs Raffaele Fitto.

An similar collapse last week prompted Italian culture minister Giancarlo Galan to promise that he would make Pompeii his “the utmost priorty.”

He made almost identical remarks in March shortly after the state of Pompeii led to his predecessor’s resignation.

Only thirty percent of the buildings at the site are considered to be in good condition.

Addendum: Here is a report which doubts whether in fact another wall has collapsed.


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