How to leave the Uros zone (no typo, if only it were so easy)

…the Uros have managed to retain their independence and lifestyle by living on 93 floating islands, which they build and maintain from totora reeds, some five kilometres off the coast and accessible only by a 20-minute boat ride from Puno.

…Should there be disputes between families living on the same island it is easy to cut a single home off and float it to another island.

The full story is here, much more information here.


.....or you use a match-stick. Of course, only after you cut them off.

Puno social mobility. No pun. I visited by slow motor launch, it was wonderful.

Lakesteaders, eh? Paging Patri Friedman...

Yeah! That's what i thought!

Can we double-check if Washington DC is detachable like that?

Maybe we could just let it float off to Tobago, perhaps?

This has been proposed for California.

Peter thiel, eat your heart out.

More like Neal Stephanson, eat your heart out. Of course he expected the Raft to be full of violence and lawlessness. Which may happen when you're in the Pacific stream without nearby resources.

Was there last year, pretty awesome place to visit despite how 'touristy' the guided tour was

"Lake Titicaca": I fondly remember a school geography class where we vied to try to get our teacher to repeat the name as often as possible.

From what I remember when I went there, historians believe that the groups set up these islands to escape from Spanish taxes on the mainland. Quite a tax avoidance strategy! Maybe someone should suggest it to the Tea Partyers?

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