Steven Landsburg Reviews Launching

I am a big fan of Steven Landsburg’s books such as The Armchair Economist, More Sex is Safer Sex, and The Big Questions so Landsburg’s review of Launching the Innovation Renaissance was a personal thrill:


…This is a great book. It’s fast-paced, fun to read, informative as hell, and it gets everything right. At first I wished I’d written it— until I realized I could never have written it half so well.

…I wish everyone in the world would read this book. It only takes a couple of hours, and it is by far the best introduction I know of to the topic that towers above all others in its importance for the happiness of human beings everywhere, now and in the future, namely how to foster and accelerate the kinds of innovation that lead to economic growth. It will, I hope and expect, make you an enlightened advocate for enlightened policies. And it will arm you with a bundle of fun facts and anecdotes to share with your friends. This book might turn you into a proselytizer, but it will surely not turn you into a bore.

Buy Launching the Innovation Renaissance (Amzn, Nook, iTunes) and read it over the holidays!


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