*Buckley: William F. Buckley and the Rise of American Conservatism*

By Carl T. Bogus.  It is an excellent and admirable book, highly readable, and also a good example of how liberals should write about conservatives.

You can order it here.  My previous coverage of Carl T. Bogus is here.


Must take guts to go his whole life without changing a name like that.

What's wrong with "William?"

I think he's referring to "bogus".

Bogus has yet to live his whole life.

That author's name has to be a nom de plume

Amazing it is his real name.

Maybe the slings and arrows of ignominious childhood abuse made him become lawyer.

Especially from the withering abuse from his sister, Vera Lee Bogus.

I just hope Professor Carl isn't so good that we inherit a "Bogus Model" or a "Bogus Theorem" or some such.


Why do you assign Prof. Bogus any credibility? I consider him a rare example of someone who really fulfills the promise of his goofy name. Bogus' pet cause is gun control and he has served as a board member of Handgun Control Inc/The Brady Campaign. He has published multiple journal papers, book chapters, op-eds, etc. in support of banning guns and every single one of them is filled with tendentious lies of commission and omission, glib half-logic, and outright confabulation. Really, this is not a matter of just disagreeing with the man-- he is so eager to push his cause that he baldly misstates matters of simple fact whenever it suits his argument and utterly ignores critics who offer corrections.

Your own "previous coverage" of Bogus shows him to be a left-wing cheerleader, successful only when performing before his own side's bleachers.

That is a pretty effective take-down of Prof. Bogus' claim. However, I don't see how this is credibility destroying. Bogus is a law professor who was quoting a published study on a subject outside his area of expertise. I would take that as a sharp rebuke against him quoting social science or criminology research in the future without doing a more skeptical literature review. However, I don't see how that necessarily impairs his ability to write a biography of someone.

Yep, Bogus is a law professor-- in which capacity he has published multiple papers and briefs on the legal question of gun control (it really is one of his greatest interests) and they are all, um, bogus. If he's willing to risk his reputation in his own profession by putting out tendentious crap, even when other law professors try to warn him, why would anyone trust his word for anything at all?

Cowen hails Bogus' book. Normally, Cowen's recommendation would prompt me to read the book, but set against Cowen's recommendation in this instance I have my own assessment of Bogus' reliability, formed after personally reading about 7 or 8 substantial articles or legal briefs by Bogus and some uncounted number of Bogus' op-eds and so-forth. Bogus is a skillful writer but has proved himself a deceitful ideologue, and we have no reason to think the leopard can change his spots. I only have so many hours in the day, so I will not be reading Bogus' new book while anything with a greater likelihood of worth is available (say, People Magazine), and I just hope, in a friendly manner, than Cowen has not been deceived by Bogus' writing skills into trusting anything Bogus says.

As it so happens "confabulation" is literally his middle name.

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