Foreign Students

Good piece in the New York Times making three points about foreign students in U.S. universities 1) State budgets for education have been slashed, 2) foreign students are way up and because they are paying much higher tuition than in-state students they are supporting education for citizens, 3) selling education services is one way our trade deficit with China is balanced.

This is the University of Washington’s new math: 18 percent of its freshmen come from abroad, most from China. Each pays tuition of $28,059, about three times as much as students from Washington State. And that, according to the dean of admissions, is how low-income Washingtonians — more than a quarter of the class — get a free ride.

Not everyone is happy, however. Here is one (ironic?) complaint:

“Morally, I feel the university should accept in-state students first, then other American students, then international students,” said Farheen Siddiqui, a freshman from Renton, Wash., just south of Seattle.


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