Political markets in everything

Forgive the music at the link, from Lucknow:

Your vote would not only change the fate of Uttar Pradesh, but it could also fetch extra marks for your child. In a unique first, many schools in the city have decided to award extra marks to students whose parents will cast vote in the assembly election.

And there is this:

The incentive would not be limited to exams alone, it would also find a mention in the character certificate of a student. Mishra suggested that a column for marking whether or not the child successfully convinced his/her parents to vote and hence displayed a sense of civic consciousness will be added in the report card. In case of a student is of 18 years then the relevant entry will be a mark on his/her own performance on the election day.

For the pointer I thank Sharath Rao.


inform consumers? seriously tyler?

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Sounds like teachers are working their captive audiences very effectively.

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coming up next, has the student convinced her parents to vote for the ruling political party? Once logistics of checking the ballots is worked out, civic consciousness promotion amongst the young could reach new heights.

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