Gallup fact of the day

There are more than 100 Indian trading posts in and around Gallup and the majority are run or owned by Palestinian-Americans, said Ed Jungbluth, Executive Director of the Gallup Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Here is more.  There are further sources here.


A little known national treasure is north of Gallup - Chaco Canyon.

Thousand year old cities, housed in stone pueblos several stories tall. I was shocked when I saw it.

"Funny, you don't look Navajo."

Pulling this up from 2002? What gives?

And Canyon de Chelly, in northeastern Arizona. Take the half day tour, and also drive around the rim and visit the overlooks.

Lebanese, also, and in El Paso, also. They may not look Navajo, but they do frequently pass for Mexican American, and to tourists passing through flyover country, it's close enough. Check out this silver and turquoise belt buckle?

"Lebanese, also, and in El Paso, also."

Of course they're Lebanese. Or Jordanian. Or Syrian. They say they're "Palestinian" because they get hugs from Liberals that way.

My paternal grandparents were born around 1910 in Gaza. They were kicked out by the Arabs in 1929. But I can't call myself Palestinian because I'm the wrong religion.

Funny, that. I'm half-Mexican, half-white. Myself, I pass for white, but my brother is dark-skinned enough that growing up, a lot of people thought he was Assyrian (another local ethnic group). Of course, part of that is because of the Mexican side, which was mostly Spaniard, which was mostly Moorish, which was mostly Fertile Crescent (we have the genetic study to prove it).

Just to add to the confusion, back in school there was an Assyrian student who looked almost identical to my brother.

The comments in the linked article are scary, though I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

"But thanks to sexy models in bikinis,..."

Amazing the good sexy models in bikinis can do.

They need more of those in ramallah

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