Estonia fact of the day

There is no movie with the word “Estonia” in its title.

That is from Alexander Theroux’s new and interesting Estonia: A Ramble Through the Periphery.  Here is from one Amazon review:

It is one of the most hateful books I’ve ever read. There is even an entire chapter called “Why I hate Estonia”, and almost every sentence starts with “I hate…” Here’s how that chapter starts: “I hate the pointless cold. I hated the fact that most people are sour but consider that normal. I hated the ungrammatical ‘5,2 litre’ alcohol content comma, when it should be a period ‘5.2’ liter!”

The author is badly uninformed about the region.

Most of the reviews are one star, but so far I am enjoying the book, and for that matter the reviews.  I can’t vouch for all of the information.  Here is another recent controversy about Estonia.


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