*The Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy*

That is the new book by Christopher Hayes, here is one marvelously good review.  I was myself very impressed by the level of execution in this book.

In terms of pushback, I would offer two points.

1. The best critiques of meritocracy usually come from those with extreme merit.

2. I wish the book had been more Hegelian.  One could well have written a book called *The Twilight of the Non-Elites*, for instance:

“Can’t you’all have some better schools?  It’s not mainly about money, rather a school is a collection of parents and children.”

“Get married.  And stay married.”

“You didn’t have to falsify your income on that mortgage application; isn’t that a felony?”

“It’s your fault you ended up in jail, don’t blame the elites.”

And so on.  What’s interesting about today’s scene is that both “Twilights” seem correct.


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