Fooled by satire

An Iranian news agency has reported as fact an entirely fictitious survey carried on The Onion website earlier this week which claimed that most rural white Americans would vote for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ahead of Barack Obama.

The English-language service of Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency republished the spoof story from the satirical website word-for-word.

It even went so far as to include a made-up quote from a fictional West Virginia resident it idendified as Dale Swidersk who claimed he would rather go to a baseball game with Mr Ahmadinejad because “he takes national defence seriously and he’d never let some gay protesters tell him how to run his country like Obama does”.

The story is here.


Any sufficiently advanced satire is indistinguishable from fact?

That might be so. But what does that have to do with The Onion?

To be fair, some Onion pieces would pass for real if they appeared on CNN etc. This is not one of those pieces.

Such as,29709/

What if such a survey was conducted and these results were really obtained? Maybe the news item is not so Fars-ical after all.

I vaguely remember a group of people cheering Ahmadinejad. It wasn't some gap toothed group of inbred, well maybe inbred.

Couldn't find the whole speech, but this is a section. Guess who really, outside of any satire, cheers for this guy.

On the video, I hear applause for Ahmadinejad's questioner followed by derisive laughter at the answer.

Fox will soon pick it up.

msnbc rachel maddow,anderson cooper will say it is because of romneys tax return.

Actually, based on recent evidence, it is far more likely that MSNBC and Paul Krugman will pick it up as fact, but don't let me get in the way of your belief system.

" based on recent evidence"...

Yep, evidence from an alternate bizzaro world.

"Yep, evidence from an alternate bizzaro world."

I suspect he was referring to the column last week where Paul Krugman was fooled by a piece of satire and hastily wrote about it in his column:

"Paul Ryan Satire Piece in Politico Dupes Krugman
Memo to the media: Clearly mark political satire, especially if it makes Republicans look bad. Otherwise, you might fool a Nobel prize-winning New York Times columnist.

Columnist Paul Krugman and other commentators were apparently duped Wednesday after Politico ran a satire piece that included what -- if true -- would have been an inflammatory comment by Republican running mate Paul Ryan. "

So that bizzaro world is pretty much the one we live in. And Krugman isn't nearly as perceptive as he'd like his readers to believe. ;)

I sent the FARS story to a "conservative" friend who was "not surpirsed."

Not surprised at what?

That FARS has no sense of humor or satire? That the Iranian press reads the foreign press for semi-positive stories to steal? (I say semi-positive because it's not exactly a glowing endorsement of Ahmadinejad.)

Just asking.

I ment to say that tea bagger (take it in the pooper) anderson cooper!

How do we know that the Irish Times story isn't satire?

That's nothing. Every news outlet in America ran a story that people were attacking our embassies because of a silly video. It was sourced back to our true leader in satirical news - the state department.

Oh yeah, those flyover rubes are just so dumb for not loving Obama as much as the smart set does.

There is no Great Stagnation in the ability of the Onion to pass a Turing Test of sorts as legitimate news. Or maybe there's been a gradual regression in the quality of mainstream news so that the Onion can get conflated with it.

"Fars" news?

Anyway, isn't the trippy thing about nationalism that the story could be accurate?

There are clearly areas of the country where Obama is very unpopular, but these are not areas fond of Iranian leadership, either. Judging from my relatives, one of their complaints about Obama is that he's too soft on Iran.

That's basically why the story works as humor.

I find it interesting that the Irish Times doesn't need to spend time explaining to its readers that The Onion is a satirical newspaper.

Miley I am totally agree with your thoughts.

I have to say that tea bagger (take it in the pooper) anderson cooper!

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