The equilibrium (with apologies to Daniel Klein)

On September 5, the first Sleeping Beauty in Polataiko’s exhibition awoke to a kiss from another woman. Both of them were surprised. Polataiko shot photos of them laughing and looking at each other. Then he posted the images to his Facebook profile, where he has been live-blogging the entire event. Now the Sleeping Beauty must wed her “prince,” thus queering the historically heteronormative fairtytale. Gay marriage is not allowed in the Ukraine, however, so these two women will have to wed in a European country that does allow for same-sex marriage.

Here is more.  I believe that none of you had solved for this equilibrium.  For the pointer I thank Eapen.


Damn! Obvious in retrospect.


The taboos against same-sex relationships in Ukraine definitely would provide incentive for a lesbian couple to do this. Actually, a fairly large percent of the photos feature female kissers.

This doesn't make any sense. Original thing said "Men" walk by. Why would one of these "men" be a woman and why would she be surprised? Maybe this is why I don't get "art."

Tyler did mislead us with his heteronormative description of the original event, yes. I guess he's not as much of a trendy lefty on social issues as he thinks he is!

This was obviously a political agit-prop stunt from the beginning.
Well produced agit-prop, though.


You aren't supposed to "get" art. You are just supposed to pay for it (via taxes of course, because when people willingly pay for art, it is rarely politicized performance art).

Such as the novels of Charles Dickens, the movies of Oliver Stone, the poetry of Pablo Neruda?

None of those were really performance art.

Good comments so far.

Here was the original premise:

Men come along and kiss them, on the lips, with each man allowed only one kiss. They have all signed legally binding contracts. If a woman responds to a kiss by opening her eyes and “waking,” she must marry the man. The man must marry the woman.

When a solution is outside the confines of the rules of a riddle, the stuff of genius rightfully belongs to the person who does the solving, not the one proposing the problem - and in fact, if that premise doesn't even contain a subtle opening for this possibility, its a second rate riddle. Sorry Tyler.

I agree with Jose. It was rigged.

I think Tony's 'largest mustache equilibrium' should get partial credit...finding the inverse of the equilibrium is often useful piece of information. I am not surprised that the least mustached won (a dust-mop/breath-mint combo uggh) and another woman had to be the easy one to signal. But what's up with the grumpiness at the farce? The original setup was wacky enough to suggest that rules were more like suggestions. Shocked that they went for the shock value?

one data point is equiilibrium ?

"thus queering the historically heteronormative fairtytale"

Yeah, and whoever had that comment cued up was in on the plan. Isn't aggressive transgressive progressive art cute? Don't we all just swoon when the introgressive artist queers us?

Interesting game.

Ask yourself this question: from the perspective of the woman on the bed: what do you infer about the image she has of herself if she opens her eyes.

Would her best strategy be to keep her eyes shut and later mingle with those who kissed her and showed a willingness to commit, picking the one she found the most compatible.

Women always choose, even with their eyes shut.

From the perspective of the person who kisses her: what would the potential


From the perspective of the person who kisses her: what would the potential kisser do--since the rules do not prohibit this, talk to the princess all evening and make a date to come back again, or not.

PS. If you do not want to have her open her eyes if you kiss her, tell her all sorts of bad, creepy things about yourself after you have had a long conversation. Works every time. Unless she likes bad creepy things, in which case you are compatible and a marriage made in heaven.

In following this story, I kept thinking that there was a likelihood that if one of the Sleeping Beauties was to open her eyes, it would be in a scenario akin to the suspected NBA's frozen envelope draft lottery scam.

Having a woman turn out to be Prince Charming makes for far bigger shock value and bigger headlines for the artist and exhibition. Documenting each kisser in the whole process in pictures gives no indication as to what other cues were available to the sleeping ladies.

I wouldn't be surprised if the eventual "prince" smelled of some easily distinguishable but rarely paired scent, such as cinnamon and mothballs. Also, there could have been a pre-arranged touch signal as well.

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