Welsh markets in everything

There was a time when the best you could hope for from prison food might be cold porridge.

But all that is set to change when a bizarre new restaurant opens next month – inside a Welsh prison.

The Clink Cymru, at Cardiff Prison, is the brainchild of award-winning chef Alberto Crisci, who has worked at Marco Pierre White’s Mirabelle Restaurant in Mayfair, London.

All the dishes will be cooked and served by criminals but Crisci insists it is “no gimmick”.

The story is here, hat tip goes to Yana.


It's a great idea. Prisoners get good food, the restaurant gets cheap labor. Win-win.

Please, Tyler: I paid my first visit to Caerdydd just last December and found commendable Thai, Indian, and Italian cuisine, and a better lamb-burger than I was able to find in Edinburgh. Whatever merit this advertisement for a Mayfair restaurant may hold, don’t perform the disservice of crediting it to the Welsh themselves, since the Welsh have enough to deal with already, with and without assistance from philanthropists lurking in the bowels of London.

It's a crime that your parents did not name you Edmund... I mean, 'Edward' is such a waste. So close!

My mother made a point of naming me after my father and grandfather, plus it's a family name going back at least another hundred years from there, to the days of that other fellow named Burke (the parliamentarian from Dublin himself, I mean, not the one hanged in Edinburgh in 1829!).

"Crisci insists it is “no gimmick”"

And neither are the unicycles the waiters will ride on or the trained bears who will bus the tables...

And no hot chicks...clearly it will be THE place to go for foodies.

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