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The link is here, and we thank you for your interest.  Read Alex’s opening statement for more information:

Welcome to MRU! At right you will find our first course, Development Economics. Click the + to see the videos in each section. New sections will be released at the beginning of every week and there will be bonus sections released during the middle of some weeks. Practice questions for each video provide some simple feedback.

Anyone can watch videos and take the practice questions but to truly participate by asking and answering questions, posting material, partcipating in chats and so forth you will need to register. Please do register as this will also help us to plan for future courses. There is no charge for registering.

In order to make our material as widely available as possible the videos default to low resolution, 380p, but if you have good bandwidth we recommend bumping them up to 480p which will increase video and audio resolution. You can do this on many platforms (not all) by clicking near the bottom right of the video and then clicking the settings button.

The course is designed for videos but every lecture also includes a downloadable MP3 in the section Related Materials.

The “How to Use” section (link in bar at top), includes ideas such as flipping the classroom and some basic directions for making your own videos.

In coming weeks, we will be releasing new features and announcing virtual and live chats!


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