The culture that is Denmark

Some of them he slept with more than once, but most were one-timers. In all, he earned just over 24,000 kroner, or $4,150.

Henrik only paid 6,300 kroner ($1,090) in taxes, or 24.2 percent, because he was able to deduct 11,000 kroner ($1,900) for expenses, including his Macbook. He had sex with a client in Croatia when he was there on vacation, and when he returned, he called the tax authorities to ask if he could deduct the cost of the holiday. Flights yes, came the answer, hotel no.

I asked Henrik why his spreadsheet listed the distance he cycled to each client.

“Bike rides,” he says, “are reimbursed half a kroner per kilometer.”

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I see the link but I don't really want to know more.

That's a shame. The article is incredible.

After reading how organized and financially responsible this guy is, I want him to work as a sperm donor, not a prostitute!

I'd say that's just about the worst idea imaginable.

From his notes on a customer:
"Finished with doggy"

Isn't that sorta the _only_ way they could do It?

Cowboy, reverse cowboy, and spoons all seem possible. Or maybe a rusty trombone (hah).

This could be a good option to solve debt in some European countries....

24.2% in tax is more than Romney paid. There is very little debt in Europe in comparison to the USA.

Roosh V was right-"don't bang denmark"!!

Wait a minute. The effective tax rate is 24% for somebody making FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS? That can't be right.

It is correct. The US has one of the most progressive income tax systems in the world. This is mostly because the US taxes the poor very little.

I think it's the marginal tax rate, remember he also works a day job

If you read the summary, he paid $1090 in taxes on $4150 in earnings. So it's effective, not marginal.

After deducting $1900 for expenses he paid $1090!

Maybe I'm missing something, but the effective rate appears to be 48.4%: he had income of $4150 less deductions of $1900, so a taxable income of $2250, on which he paid $1090 of tax.

The Internet has apparently improved the markets for prostitution.

With that tax rate, there are remarkable incentives for doing black-market (gray market?) work.

So why DON'T the Nordic taxpayers do more, uh, under-the-table work?

They don't like doing it Greek style?

Well, why does anyone pay any taxes? I'd consider the incentive at a 20% effective tax rate to be high, let alone 50%.

I imagine there's just a bigger sense that one ought to pay their taxes in Denmark - higher degree of social cohesion, and political legitimacy on behalf of the state.

FURTHERMORE, and possibly the most important aspect, it sounds like dealing with taxes is extremely uncomplicated.

Social cohesion is easier when preaching social division is a non-starter for politicians. In America the Republican Party is dedicated to social division and resentments - a strategy that would be the fast route to oblivion in a Denmark that still remembers the Nazi occupation.

On the other hand, I expect that there is a fair sized underground economy in Denmark.


What color is the sky in your world?

Today the sky in my world is grey. Usually it is blue, sometimes it is white and occasionally it is black - depending on the prevailing weather.

Since I know quite a number of Danes and have spent some time in Denmark in my youth, I expect that my description of Denmark is not far off the mark. Certainly my description of the Republican Party (and 47% Romney) are spot on.

Absurd. To the extent any party is dedicated to social division and resentment, it's got to be the Democrats, right? Their whole platform is demonizing the wealthy and accusing the Republicans of racism, etc.

Well, two things are for sure:

1) There is a malevolent, shady force in America bound on sowing the seeds of social discord and tension, and

2) The driving power behind that force is whoever I, personally, disagree with.

"Demonizing the wealthy" ???

Obama say the wealthy have done very well and should pay a little more in taxes.

Romney says 47% of Americans refuse to take responsibility for themselves and are dependent on government.

The accusations of class warfare from the right are absurd. The middle class has been under sustained attack by the Republicans since the 1990s. If the wealthy keep going down the road Romney and Ryan want to walk they might discover what class warfare really looks like.

Wrong, Joe. I hate the Republicans and Democrats alike, but I have no idea what you are talking about when you say the middle class has been "under assault" by the Republicans since the 90's. Because of their goals of tax relief, reduced regulation, and increased government spending and services? The Democrats consistently attack the wealthy as actually actively causing economic collapse, etc. Increasing taxes on the wealthy a little is going to do jack squat for the deficit, it's only brought up specifically for the purpose of sowing class warfare.

And I love how EVERY (hyperbole) Democrat has to slip into the end of their argument that, hey, if we don't go along with what they want, they'll just murder us all. Guess I better accept shitty medical care so that the Democrats/peasants don't rise up and MURDER me. Etc. etc. Really it's in my best interest to give my money away to other people, so they don't MURDER me. It's really striking to me when people appear to be advocating, or at least accepting, mass murder. But then I guess there was Stalin, Mao, etc.

There is a large underground economy in Denmark, but Danish tax authorities are quite good, so the middle classes pay their taxes. Otherwise your description of Denmark is quite good, though I don't think WWII has much bearing on this issue.

However, your description of the Republican party is quite off. but it is often harder to see the truth in your own country when you have such partisan blinkers.

Wikipedia says that until 1999 Denmark allowed prostitution, but only as supplemental income. Was that true? How did it work?

This article: "stay under 50,000 kroner ($8,500) per year." What does this mean? Is it true? If so, how is it different from the old rule?

TIL (among other things): In Danish, "[t]he word for taxes ('skat') is also the word for 'honey'".

Does such a homonym make taxes relatively more popular? ("A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.") Does it make honey less popular?

Are political cartoons and favored metaphors in Denmark more likely to portray tax collectors or public servants as busy or stinger-wielding bees? And what of the queen?

It's because both words mean treasure in Danish. Thus, let me ask whether Geithner being called treasury secretary makes you more positiveöy inclined to him.

but most were one-timers

That's got to hurt - to be a Gay prostitute is one thing, but to be bad at it is another thing altogether.

(Not, let me stress, that I am throwing stones. I have no idea how I would do. Except I like to think I would be, you know, out standing if I went that way)

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