A Pakistani view on the economics of Obama’s reelection

I am not endorsing this political and economic analysis, merely reporting it:

Many Pakistanis fear President Barack Obama’s re-election will mean a surge in America’s unpopular drone campaign, but for those making and selling US flags to burn at protests this could be good news.

Demonstrations against Washington’s programme of missile strikes against suspected al Qaeda and Taliban militants are common in Pakistan, and no protest is complete without a Stars and Stripes being sent up in flames.

Nadeem Shah, the owner of a flag business in Rawalpindi, the twin city of the capital Islamabad, said he expected more drone strikes — and more protests.

“Of course Obama has become stronger now and he will push his policies harder and there will be more drone strikes because he himself is stronger now,” Shah told AFP.

“When the drone strikes increase the protests against these strikes will also increase in Pakistan and it can have an impact on the flags and poster business.” Pakistan’s flag industry enjoyed a boom in September when a US-made anti-Islam film sparked weeks of demonstrations, almost all lit up with “Old Glory” being burned.

In Rawalpindi, US flags start at around 120 rupees ($1.25) but in Shah’s shop 1,500 rupees will get you a three-square-metre number in cloth.

The article is here, and for the pointer I thank A.H.


On the other hand, Puerto Rico might mean redesigns of all the stock...

And one would have thought that the fact that now people can make a business out of selling your flags to be burned would be a clear signal that you are doing things wrong... But I guess not.

Well then I guess Israel should just open its borders to the Palestinians, wouldn't want any flags to be burned. Maybe we should get some Iranian flags and start burning them so that regime will realize the error of its ways.

Right. What could possibly be objectionable about killing innocent civilians from unmanned drones?

Interesting And jdid they really think drone attacks would decrease under a GOP administration?


What a dumb article. This is the type of "journalism" where the writer decides that a premise must be true and keeps asking people to confirm the premise until he finds someone who will and then uses the anecdote of this one person to make a broad claim of the premise. (Similar to how friends on Facebook who are now local news reporters will post statuses like "Looking for someone who XYZ for a story I want to run! Let me know if you know anyone!")

couldn't agree more!

File this under the humor genre and you won't feel so strongly about it.

Remember the Pakistani guy who died from inhaling the fumes from the American flag he was burning? LOL

More please...faster.


For those readers who are able to understand German, Flaggen Schlüter, a humorous report regarding an entrepreneur selling flags to be torched.

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