Trade and Property Rights at MRU

Lots more material available at MRUniversity this week in our sections on Trade and on Property Rights. We review comparative advantage in three videos that will be useful to principles students and also for professors looking for an additional resource to assign students. We cover Trade and Tariff History and look at Trade and Poverty in India among other topics. We then cover property rights beginning with basic issues of private vs. collective property and moving to property titling. Finally, we take a look at James Scott’s argument that fee-simple property rights developed because of government taxation in our video on Communal Property, Enclosure and the State.

Tyler and I were grateful for this tweet from @seanite8  “I’m from Kuwait, and I never would have the chance to learn about #MRUDevEcon. Thank u”

And Andres Marroquin writes:

I think everybody should see a recent Alex Tabarrok’s class on the effect of geography on institutions and long term economic growth. It is here, and it is superb!

See the link for further comments from Andres.


I'm a long-time fan of the MR blog and am very much enjoying the DevEcon class at MRU. I only wish that the navigation were a little better on MRU. It would be great if the site showed which lectures a user had previously viewed. Otherwise, great work! thanks!

That feature will be coming in the future...thanks for your interest!

As a college student who hasn't taken any 3-4xx level econ classes, what makes the Development class at MRU compared to the regular one at the university different in terms of actual course content?

The Development Economics course is a full course, i.e. at least as much content as an off-line course but taught in much less video time.

It would be great if you did an article on the economics of text book pricing. Based on AlexTabarrok's recommendation in I went to check out your text book Modern Principles: Macroeconomics, only to be shocked by the price. Actually I shouldn't be, I have been in US for more than 10 years and did my Masters here but I guess I still haven't gotten over the feeling that this is unreasonable. It will be interesting to understand from an economics point of view why the text book prices in US are high. Lot of Indian students including me got our text books from India where its much more affordable.

Get a used copy of the first edition - these can be found for very cheap.

1.The lecture linking geography and institutional development is indeed excellent! Most of the course is,too.
I enjoyed the discussion of the Solow model and would love to hear more-especially about how A (ideas,innovation)
evolution is treated.

2.How about a guest lecture by Acemoglu ?

3.)One suggestion-for those of us with demanding professional lives who cant really spare the time (or are getting lazy,sad to say) to write essays for the mid-term,
some non-trivial multiple choice questions would be welcome.I took a class on Coursera which offered quite stimulating weekly short answer quizes.
These provoked thought without taking much time.

There does not seem to be a contact info on MRU. The forget password link on the website is not working.

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