Trade and Property Rights at MRU

Lots more material available at MRUniversity this week in our sections on Trade and on Property Rights. We review comparative advantage in three videos that will be useful to principles students and also for professors looking for an additional resource to assign students. We cover Trade and Tariff History and look at Trade and Poverty in India among other topics. We then cover property rights beginning with basic issues of private vs. collective property and moving to property titling. Finally, we take a look at James Scott’s argument that fee-simple property rights developed because of government taxation in our video on Communal Property, Enclosure and the State.

Tyler and I were grateful for this tweet from @seanite8  “I’m from Kuwait, and I never would have the chance to learn about #MRUDevEcon. Thank u”

And Andres Marroquin writes:

I think everybody should see a recent Alex Tabarrok’s class on the effect of geography on institutions and long term economic growth. It is here, and it is superb!

See the link for further comments from Andres.


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