MRU videos on poverty and health

A new set of MRU videos is up.  In these videos, we cover:

·      How the poor spend their money

·      How stress can create a “tax” on the poor’s decision-making, focus, and cognitive abilities

·      Causes of “missing women” in developing countries and what is really the bottom line on this claim

·      The economics of child labor, and what is the nature of the potential market failure when sending children to work

·      How a test involving a pregnant mare’s urine illustrates the value of randomized controlled trials

·      Why private health insurance is relatively rare in poorer developing countries (hint: it’s not adverse selection)

·      Can cash transfers help with low birth weight?

·      How community participation can affect the success of health care programs

·      And finally, the ugly effects of cholera, diarrhea, worms, and HIV/AIDS in developing countries

Click here to get started on these videos, with an introduction to randomized control trials.  Or browse the whole list at, click on the Course section on the right to see the menu.


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