MRUniversity New Courses!

We have four new courses at MRUniversity and a brand new design! The new courses are

  • The Euro Crisis, a 90 minute mini-course over 3 weeks.
  • The Economics of Media, 4 hours over 4 weeks.
  • The American Housing Finance System, 15 hours running to June taught by Arnold Kling.
  • Mexico’s Economy, a 4.5 hour course over 4 weeks taught by Robin Grier.

You can find our more about all of the courses at MRUniversity. Lots of new features as well. After registering, for example, you can click the “Follow this Course” button on the main course page and receive weekly email updates on course content, video chats and what other MRU users are up to. We have also made it easy to add material by clicking the “User Contribution” section under the videos. There you can add videos, research, news and opinions related to the video. We’ll feature the best user contributions on our homepage.

Also do check out the new home page and be sure to scroll down to see The List, all of our videos released so far. And remember, all of our videos are freely available for non-commercial use. If you teach economics or related material feel free to assign a video for homework or try flipping the classroom!

Even more courses coming soon!

Finally, a big hat tip to MRU’s web guru and program manager, Roman Hardgrave, who has done a stellar job on the new features and design.



More inQbation project hours, or was data driven interface modularity always a part of the package?

Though considering that the domain was first registered in 2001, such a change after a MOOC semester seems like blinding speed.

Hrm, Arnold Kling is particularly suited to that course. I may attend.
Mexico’s Economy also seems fascinating.

that the course certificates be issued in pdf-form?

4 hours is now called a course? No TGS in online course title-inflation!

Five minutes is a class at MRU - 4 hours translates to 48 classes, which could become a respectable metric.

It's called accelerated learning for a reason ;) If MRU goes down the certification/credit route the a 4 hour course would likely be a unit of a larger class.

Standards haven't shifted, standards have completely changed. The 4 year college standard is an idiotic concept that screws many people and only exists because of inefficiencies. I can only hope that the old model is completely swept into the dustbin of history. It probably won't be, but it might be.

So, if based on current economic success, do you prefer the Finnish model of early childhood support (the 3800 dollar level is what is paid by those that can afford it, not what the Finns invest in their children, by the way) or the German model of apprenticeship?

Because the Germans I know with an appropriate 'Ausbildung' can travel the world, and decide where they want to work and live as it suits their skills.

If only your crusade against this were half as righteous or interesting as you seem to believe.

Alex, the Development Economics course was also available as an audio version podcast feed. Will that be possible with these new courses? I very much enjoyed that format.

Podcast feed, yes...and I am happy to be teaching live students this semester too.

Teaching dead ones would be awkward.

Even more awkward if they started out live.....

We just call them contemplative.

Some of the page elements appear blurred in Chrome.

I would've guessed principles of micro/macro were next...but cool none-the-less : )

March has started, where are the courses? ;)

I can't find any info about pricing on that site. Are all these courses free?

Free, yes...

The Kling course looks greats, thanks for making these available.

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