A query about MRU

Christina asks on Twitter:

@tylercowen neat! #loyalreaderrequest: a post about how you all think about which courses to add?

The first prerequisite is that the teacher be interested in the material and familiar with current debates.  A second issue is that it be readily teachable on-line, though I don’t think it is yet clear which segments of economics fit this bill.  My suspicion is that extreme narrative material (economic history, history of economic thought) or purely technical material (“what are the mechanics of covered interest parity?”) will do best here, but that is unproven to say the least.  (If that is right, why quality of coverage should be non-monotonic in degree of narrative is an interesting question.)  Third, we would like to cover most courses and most fundamentals of economics, in due time, so in part these are issues of sequencing rather than either/or issues of coverage or not.

We will have many more videos coming up today, and in addition to the four new classes we are working on some forthcoming classes too.  When using the new MRU page, you can go through the menus.  Alternatively, I use visual fields differently than do most people, so I find it easiest to scroll down the page to the “All Videos” section and simply view the entire menu of choice.  Up to you.


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