Good sentences about John Stuart Mill

He was so bewildered by his lack of books that he even began sleeping late, once not getting up till nine o’clock.  One of the daughters [in Toulouse] pitying his plight gave him Legendre’s Geometry.  He dissected it eagerly, although its muddled thinking on Ratio took away a good deal of its merits as an elementary work.  The confusion in the house grew worse; a dog went mad and terrorized the servants.  To John’s orderly mind the Benthams seemed to live in a state of constant uproar.  They were always interrupting him for other things.  He was never left to himself.  They took him to see peasant dances…

That is from Michael St.John Packe, The Life of John Stuart Mill.


great quote!

stupid question, sloth induced from not doing a google fu check, but did Mill actually reside with the Bentham's for awhile?

A walk from my daughter's flat, halfway between Earl's Court and Gloucester road tube stops, to Kensington High Street takes me past a house with one of those iconic blue London signs indicating that John Stuart Mill once lived there. Always good to be reminded of the greatness of those preceding us.

Pretty late for a review, eh Tyler?

what is so "good" about the sentences quoted by Tyler?


It cannot be explained; it can only be got.

That read like it could have been from a George Bernard Shaw play.

Too many text messages! Leave me in peace!

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