*How Revolutionary were the Bourgeois Revolutions?*

This is quite an extraordinary book, remarkably informationally dense, interesting on almost every page, though I would pass on the extended discussions of methodological Marxism.  Did the so-called bourgeois revolutions have relatively little to do with the bourgeoisie?  (This leads some readers to the further question, namely if so, how should this reshape our understanding of “neo-liberalism” today?)  What is a bourgeois revolution anyway?  This far-ranging book is a kind of esoteric blockbuster, to be worshiped by the handful of people who are familiar with Hotman’s Francogallia and its role in 1570s French politics, or who carry around in their heads some underlying sense of why 17th century Scottish and Polish feudal rule might have had significant common features.

Ideally, CrookedTimber should do a symposium on this book, though I am not sure they can find commentators who are up to the task.

Enthusiastically recommended, sort of, to some of you, maybe.

The author is Neil Davidson, a Scot, and the Amazon link is here.


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