The privatization of law enforcement in Melbourne and the restriction of entry

THE new sex industry police unit – created by the Baillieu government one year ago in a bid to crack down on crime in the sex industry – is hamstrung by lack of resources and has not charged any illegal brothel operators since its inception.

The unit has managed to shut down one illegal parlour but is not directly policing them – instead focusing its enforcement and monitoring activities on licensed brothels.

Frustrated licensees of legal brothels have resorted to vigilante action, sending spies into illegal parlours. They have given police statutory declarations swearing they received sexual services at five illegal brothels around Melbourne – all of them close to police or politicians’ offices, including Premier Ted Baillieu’s office in Camberwell.

Police are also understood to have been provided last year with a further list of 62 premises suspected of providing illegal sex – all of which are believed to be still operating.

Here is more, and for the pointer I thank David H.


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